Visit to the old Goldapfel

The old 'back' store

In 1886 Meinrad Eberle-Kälin transformed the goatstable and chickencoop into a modern store. The door and the displays on both sides are still the original ones. In the glass display we can see the antique pottery and wood moulds, which were used by the women that made the lamb shaped sweets from the 16th up to the 18th century. Those were the days of the gothic Cathedral and the building of the new baroque convent church the way you see it now. From the old back store we have direct access to

the 'old' bakery

In 1921 as the new bakery was builtin the ancient garden of the Goldapfel, the 'old' bakery was transformed into a living-room.
On the big table we can see the original inventory, which was used until the turn of the century.Only the oven was used until recently for baking bread.
We can see the hand operated machine for mixing and grinding and a Schafbock machine from 1910 and 1965.
On the wall we can see the portraits of the ancesters, starting from Elisabeth Steinauer, whose mother was deprived by the French of her whole honey stock in 1798.
A little staircase leads us to

the middle room with the 'Tirggel moulds'.

All the moulds are original dating back to the 19th century. These moulds are actually the real family treasure.
The next room is called

the preparation room.

Here the filling was prepared. First the almonds and the hazelnuts were ground and then added to the candied orange and lemon peel and to the honey.
The machines have their original blue colour again, which was current in the twenties.
In the display on the right side we can see the moulds for the Lebkuchen and the old and more recent Schafbock moulds.
In the display on the left we find the other typical Einsiedeln baking forms like fish, sheep, Kräpfli, Bouquets and Biberlis.

The blue room

originally was used as a lounge, as an office and as a living-room. Here we find part of the company's graphic concept and also wrapping material from the different decades.
We also can see the homepage concerning the Goldapfel, which was the first one to appear in the Einsiedeln area in 1997.
On the video we can follow the most important moments of the whole processing and on the little table there is our guestbook at your disposal.
A small Staircase leads us into

the big store.

In 1895 it was built in accordance with the back store. Kerosene lamps were replaced by gaslight in 1909 and three years later the store was equipped with 'modern' electricity.
The store and the whole ambiance that goes with it are originals and considered by far the eldest of the kind.
In the cabinets near the staircase we can admire chocolate bars from the 50's and one bar with the original bill that dates back to 1907.
In the cabinet next to the small desk we can find a valuable collection of the most beautiful Advent, Christmas and New Year's moulds.

The 'Goldapfel' house

was renovated in 1898 by Felix Reichlin, a renowned architect of the Canton Schwyz and in 1997 it was painted in the original shades olive green and Paris blue.
The house is considered a historical monument.

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